Biographical information (brief)

Born in Resistencia (Chaco, Argentina), he studied at the Law School, Universidad Nacional del Nordeste, Argentina (1964-1969). He lived in exile, in Mexico, between 1976 and 1983. He went back in 1985 and he now lives in Resistencia.

As a fiction writer (novels and short-stories) and essayist, he has a significant list of publications in some of the most important publishing houses of more than 30 countries. His works have been translated into 20 languages and his works have won him prestigious awards, among them the “Premio Rómulo Gallegos” (1993), that is the most important literary award in the Spanish-speaking world. His novel Luna calientewas awarded the “Mexican National Award” in 1983, granted by the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes.

He is the author of several novels, as La revolución en bicicleta, El cielo con las manos, Luna caliente (1983, translated into English as Sultry moon), Qué solos se quedan los muertos, Santo Oficio de la Memoria, Imposible equilibrio(translated into English as An Impossible Ballance), El Décimo Infierno (translated into English as The tenth circle), Final de novela en Patagonia (winner in 2000 of the yearly "Grandes Viajeros Award", in Spain). Cuestiones interioresand Visitas después de hora.

He is also the author of short-stories collections, as Vidas ejemplares,El castigo de Dios, Gente rara, Luminoso amarillo, Estación Coghlan y otros cuentos and 9 historias de amor, among others.

As a journalist and essayist, he writes for numerous newspapers and magazines and his articles appears regularly in several Argentine newpapers as Página/12, and The Buenos Aires Herald. He also contributes to many other newspapers and magazines as "La Nación" and "Debate" weekly Magazine (Argentina), "La Jornada" (Mexico) and "El Mundo (Madrid).

He founded and edited the literary magazine "Puro Cuento" (Buenos Aires, 1986-1992) and he has published, among others, El género Negro (The Black Genre, essays on detective literature), Así se escribe un cuento (essays on the art of short-story writings), El País de las Maravillas (winner of the Best Essay Book 1998) and Cartas a Cristina (2011).